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Touching Pics Of A Learner Studying On Streets, Due To No ELECTRICITY At Night. A Disbelief.


A young man makes a considerable stir on Twitter after a random lady shared his pictures. This is showing us that we should never underestimate anyone just because they don't have anything at their home. Some people will take you law just because they can see that you are trying certainly to have some of the things that they are having already. This whole thing is showing us that this young man is severe about his studies, that's why he made sure that there's nothing that stops him from doing his homework. We all know that we cannot have anything that we want all of us.

We don't even know what to do because poverty is everywhere we go. It's heartbreaking to see a young man doing his homework on the streets just because parents cannot afford to buy electricity or candles in the house. The boy must just hold on because soon enough he will be thanking himself for not giving up easily. I can tell most people that are successful in their lives have also had challenges that made them want to give up. We should all know that we don't have to give up just because we are facing heavy challenges.

Social media people are blaming the person who captured those pictures because he was supposed to help him without pictures. That's why we are always told not to bring the camera with us when we want to help the poor with what they are going through. So many people are seeing things outside, but we are failing to see them, since they're hiding the pain. The boy got saluted for making sure that he goes out to stand on the streetlight. Some people are saying that he was supposed to do his homework during the day since parents are going through the worst. We're just hoping that they find help because being poor is nor perfect.

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