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Meet The 16 Years Old Girl Who Doesn't Eat Food Because She Does Not Have An Intestine (Photos)

We've arrived at a new day, and as a happy Opera hub writer, I'm delighted to greet you with this pleasant and interesting piece on Tuesday.

Today we'll talk about something that appears to be impossible yet is actually true. I'm going to tell you about a 16-year-old girl who doesn't eat since she doesn't have an intestine.

Salma Bashir is her name, and she lives in Egypt with her family but has recently relocated to the United States due to medical concerns. Let's take a look at how she ended up in this situation.

She and her family had a vacation to Alexandria, Egypt, when she was five years old. They were having fun in a public pool when Salma sat down on the pool's uncovered suction valve. It was painful because the suction valve glued her to the pool and pulled her intestines out of her body before she was rescued.

She was hurried to the hospital, and as soon as they arrived, the doctor recommended that they receive an intestinal transplant. The doctor was unable to perform the transplant right away. As a result, the family had no choice except to acquire finances and transport her to a hospital in the United States, which is how they relocated.

It was so agonizing that the transplant, though being carried out, failed due to illnesses she had. She reportedly performed five transplants, none of which were successful. Her small intestine, big intestine, liver, stomach, and pancreas were all damaged by the failed transplants, and they all needed to be replaced.

She now requires $3,000,000 in order to complete the procedure. Because she is unable to absorb food, she must now rely on a TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) bag, which is a fluid connected to her IV that provides her with the nutrition she need. She must also wear the TPN bag for a total of 20 hours every day.

She claims that even if she drinks water, it leaks out of her tubes, and that even sitting consumes a lot of her energy. If the next transplant is successful, she will be able to resume her usual life.

Let us all pray that God heals her and that the transplant goes well so that she can resume her normal life. Remember to say a prayer for her as well as share.

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