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Soweto People Destroyed A Foreign Owned Shop ''These Are Highlights Of What Will Happen Tomorrow"

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Inequality, the gap between the rich and the poor. Lack of economic development amongst contributes to this barbaric behavior٫ a foreign owned shop damaged in Soweto.

There's a poster that was circulating stating that tomorrow they will be removing illegal immigrants from business bad destroying foreign owned shops.

It was said that this is exactly a symbolic example of what happened in this country the last 27 years. There is no integrity٫ self discipline٫ no honesty and no respect.

People are saying that the ANC government is to be blamed. How many times we have been complaining about illegal foreigners? They must come legal with documents and pay certain amount to open business in the country.

Demanding something by destroying infrastructure and businesses because it is simply taking the country backwards. People should learn to go and protest at the right places٫ they also must learn to get their message through without using any violence.

Now that this shop has been destroyed٫ what have they gained? Next thing they will be crying about unemployment.

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