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"Does your girlfriend also eat dogs and frogs." Zulu guy gets asked after showing off his girlfriend

I have my best friend named Rex, his a Labrador and l love him so much, l can never imagine someone eating him, but did you know that in some countries dogs are eaten.

Dog meat is the flesh or other edible parts derived from dogs. The human consumption of dog meat has been prevalent in many parts of the world. 

Did you know that China is the biggest consumer of dog meat globally, consuming about 20 million dogs per year. That been said one gentleman got asked if his his girlfriend ate dog meat too after he was bragging about her on social media.

The guy posted this.👇🏾

In my opinion l don't think it's okay for anyone to paint everyone with the same brush, just because someone is of Chinese descent does not necessarily mean they eat dog meat.

Besides, the guy was just showing off his girlfriend and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but some Twitter users saw that as an opportunity to viciously attack him.

A lot of tweeps responded to the post by throwing in all sorts of different comments regarding this matter.

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