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A lady posted a sensitive picture of her mom who died in a hospital bed. Look what people spotted.

The world is taking a huge turn, as millions have lost humanity. People have no respect for the deceased, they are treated unethically, and this is really concerning. People should be given the same level of respect, when they are alive and deceased. The modern world is totally different and failing to accommodate the culture of many tribes in this world. Technology stole the spotlight, since the creation of computers and gadgets made people use them inappropriately. People are not anxious to take the deceased pictures and post them on social media. People are sensitive and this is wrong in any way. The same happens in horrific accidents, when people are taken videos and pictures without being helped, and posted on social media. Ubuntu is lost and people seem to be pleased with this. Everything went wrong on twitter, after a mourning lady shared a picture of her mother lying lifelessly in a hospital bed, seeking for help.

Morality has been lost. People are failing to keep those who passed away from the cameras. The obsession to get attention on the internet is growing enormously. This is putting the lives of people at a high risk, as it has severe consequences. This picture of a lady who is lying lifelessly on the bed has shocked the world. Her daughter is crying out and seeking help, as she wants to prepare for her burial. She was wrong in the first place, to capture the entire body of her mother, without covering her. People are stunned by the lack of moral values this society is subjected to. This lady is still plugged on the machines, it is clear that the doctors have confirmed her dead, and she was still waiting to be moved out. This is totally unacceptable, and legal actions could be taken against the daughter of this woman.


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