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'This Is What A Piketberg Family Woke Up To

It is very devastating for a family to wake up to their home having caught on fire and completely burnt down, this is something that many people do not foresee that is why we hardly see incidences where people have insurance for their goods.

The incident occurred at Secunda, Piketberg street and no one can say for sure what happened. The family has been left devastated after being put in a situation where they watched their home burn down, while they stood helplessly trying to contact the fire department but they always drag their feet whenever they have to come to the crime scene.

A fire started this afternoon in Piketberg and the situation had led to an incident where the community members had gathered outside the home in order to try to put out the fire in any way that they can, but it is clear that the fire was just overwhelming for everyone and it completely engulfed the whole house.

The call came through on the Zello channels after a neighbour made an alarm, it is a good thing that these neighborhoods have these quick responses and they are able to ensure that they can protect them against criminals but what about incidences where they have to be protected against the elements.

No one has reported any injuries at this stage, which is an incredibly great thing for the victims to have experienced because they have lost a lot already and they cannot be in a situation where they are also losing in terms of sustaining injuries from the incident.

The cause of the fire could not yet be determined but the police have been called to do the necessary investigations, so that they can be able to close this case and then show that the suspect who may be responsible for this is apprehended.

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