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Here is the man responsible for the flossing of many Celebs in SA. See who he is and who visited him

There's nothing good like being a celebrity or having lot of money that reflects on your personality. Meet the 30 years old dentist Lwazi Nkwanyana based in Johannesburg, South Africa, responsible for the flossing of many celebrites in South Africa. His real name is Lwazi and goes by Dr Floss on social media. The only thing Lwazi did was to go to school at Medunsa for oral hygiene and dental degree from the University of Pretoria. Now that he is a professional dentist, he gets to treat celebrities he might have wished to meet one day.

After he completed his studies, his work is seen through many celebrities like Aaron Moloisi popularly known from Rea Tsotella as a TV presenter and to many roles as an actor. As you can see that after he completed treating his teeth he took a selfie together to show his work. Celebrity like Mohale Motaung is also a patient at Dr Floss surgeon room to get his teeth clean so that when he smile his teeth will reflect as good as he is.

Other celebrities includes people like Vuyo Dabula, an actor who is popularly known from Generations The Legacy on SABC 1 8pm during weekdays. Other one seen visiting Lwazi is the lawyers and social media activist Tumi Sole. Going through Lwazi's social media account in Instagram, you will see that he has many patients. Having such traffic means that he is good at what he does, more especially if celebrities trust him this much.

Let's get to know who is the person behind Dr Floss in real life. Lwazi has been working in public health for 5 years now. His passion before was to educate people to take care of their oral hygiene. He then moved to opening his own private practice after he saw that he was working with disadvantaged community. There is a saying that it is never too late to further your studies. This is proven by Lwazi after he enrolled again at school to study aesthetic and beauty. He is doing this because he has ruled out that his procedure among his celebrity patients is teeth whitening and aligning 6 front teeth. He is bringing back people's smiles in a way to be honest.

He says that people can be happy again and have confidence as far as their orals are clean and healthy. Most of his patients are females but also men, he says that men come to his private practice due to smoking side effects of teeth stains. As for females we could say that the stains or argue to visit Dr Floss are due to too much of coffee intake. Below the following picture are his advices or teachings about how to take care of your oral hygiene.

1. Don't go to bed at night without brushing your teeth.

2. You must remember to brush your tongue every time you brush your teeth.

3. Many do not like flossing but Lwazi says Floss even if its uncomfortable. He says this will prevent teeth decay and bad breath.

4. Visit the dentis at least twice a year.

Lwazi is one of the people who is doing a great job in the society. He also tells people that dentist visits are painless because they now have painless injections with improved formula.

- Lwazi Nkwanyana aka Dr Floss

What is your pint of view in oral hygiene? Let's take a look of other factors why it is important to take care of your oral hygiene.

1.keeping bacteria under control.

2. Keeps internal parts healthy as mouth is the door to your internal parts.

3. Prevent tooth loss.

4. Have whiter and brighter smile

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