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'This Is What Was Spotted At A Police Station


Video as received: Not sure at which South African Police Service station this happened, it is quite clear that the officer is quite tired on the job and but it isn’t clear if he is tired because he was working hard or he is tired due to the fact that he failed to manage his time and now he finds himself sleepy on the job.

Cops also get tired and we do admit that but we have to understand that they have a job to do, meaning that most of their time they should spend resting so that they can be able to be in a position to do their jobs when time comes.

It’s only human! Everyone gets tired! I was in the Police for almost 25 years and there are several factors that can keep you from getting well rested at home, however the police must not have the excuse that this is something that should be allowed.

Because it is completely unacceptable to be on the job and to be sleeping when we understand very well that there are people who are in a serious situation, where they need the help of the police and we could see that they couldn't assist him.

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