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THE BRIDGE OVER THE RIVER MFOGODI: A case of empty promises by the ANC. (Opinion)

Limpopo province has many communities of which most of them are in deep rural areas. Some areas have seen very little or no development at all since the inception of democracy. This is the case with the community of Sane Natal section in the Nzhelele Valley outside Makhado.

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When Mzansi people were finally emancipated and had the right to vote for the first time, they voted the ANC in their majority. They did that to fulfill their expectations of a better life in terms of both infrastructure and community economy.

Now the people of Sane a village lodged deep in the Soutpansberg are still stuck with the methods they had used in their suffering days of apartheid. When rivers are flooded they just can't access basic services.

It happened that an old man called Ratshilundela died while waiting for the Mfogodi flooded river to subside as nothing could ferry him across. The schools are open and learners are using a branch of a fallen tree to cross the river to access the schools.

I think the message the politicians are sending is that of negligence and ignorance of our people. Makhado Municipality must be held responsible for this absurd situation. When the villagers of Natal section at Sane village asked for a bridge, all the Municipality could do was to provide a wooden makeshift bridge. It's now washed down stream.

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