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Good News| People who have not recieved their SRD grants, from the below

A large number of people from around the country have applied for the Covid-19 special honor since its debut in May 2020. Some of them were eligible for the award, but not all of them were, and as a result, were disqualified from consideration.

Unemployed Britons between the ages of 18 and 60 who were unable to find job were the original recipients of the prize.

A large number of people claim that they were denied the reward due of their unpaid status and lack of job.

In many cases, the recipients of the award who receive it in the mail don't bother to check to verify if they've actually been given one. It's best to enquire at the post office because they can't always say for sure if the money is available.

Because so many people have begun making preparations for the honor, many are unaware that they are financially supported or that monies are readily available.

Those who applied for the award in May 2020 but have yet to receive their components. Individuals need only wait in line at a post office and verify their bank accounts on the day their Social Security numbers are issued.

Source estimates that 330 000 people have been adequately prepared, their rights safeguarded and their bank accounts safeguarded by the Post Office.

Though it may not seem like much, the R350 reward will mean a lot to many people. Many people appreciate it since it gives them the ability to provide for their families for a lengthy period of time.

The postal service may be to blame if you haven't gotten your gift.


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