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An Alleged Pakistan National Kidnapper Was Gunned Down After Getting Released From Jail


A Pakistani national linked to kidnappings has been shot dead in Fordsburg, Johannesburg. Many ordinary members of the public are in a situation where they’re basically alarmed at the number of kidnappings which are happening in the country, and this is something that has become a serious concern for the people of this country.

This has escalated to such an extent where you even find incidences where the police are implicated in being part of the kidnapping syndicate because of how they are perpetrating their criminal activities at such a large scale, and they are targeting people who are very important in our society - private business owners who are contributing immensely to the country.

The kidnappings have been going on for quite some time now they escalated uncontrollably during the COVID-19 pandemic when most of these individuals did not know how they were going to make some money, so they felt like kidnapping was the best way because the family members of the individuals who have been kidnapped would be so worried.

To such an extent where they would pay just any amount in order to get their loved ones out of that situation and that is what the kidnappers are capitalizing on, the fear of the ordinary members of the public in losing their loved ones is so great.

To such an extent whereby these individuals who kidnap ordinary people do as they please, because things just fall into place for them they just sit back, relax and watch the magic happens.

He was released on bail recently, a man walked up to him and shot him in the head. Some people have even went on to social media in order to commend the actions of the man who mustered up the courage to walk up to this individual, and shoot him in broad daylight.

Most people can’t even do that despite being the ones who are ruined, some of us have never fallen victim to such things so we are not involved but perhaps if we were these were the steps to be taken in order to solve this issue.

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