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Road Accident

R.I.P. 7-Year-Old Girl Tragically Killed In A Hit And Run

A 7-year-old child was killed in a hit-and-run on the R102 in the vicinity of Cornubia, KwaZulu-Natal. The community is still reeling from the shock of the incident, the mother and father are heartbroken by the incident and they’re inconsolable at the moment.

The emergency services were contacted to rush to the scene however when they got there they couldn't assist the patient because it was too late by then, such incidences are very traumatic and heart-breaking.

Because you understand that these children had their lives ahead of them so you can see that their lives are cut short basically, and that is why many people are concerned.

Reaction Unit South Africa received urgent calls from the citizens about the accident, and upon arrival, the paramedics looked at the child and found that she had been fatally injured.

It is very unfortunate insert when such incidences happen in our society becaused you can just tell how the incident happened speeding uncontrollably, and decoding stop just in time the child showed up in the middle of the road end of lower excellent happened living the life of the child.

Now the police are going to conduct the necessary investigations in order to determine if a criminal sentence is justified in this incident it would be if their suspect is intoxicated or in the wrong in any way, however it is discovered that South Africa is still having a tough time bringing justice to those family members whose loved ones have perished as a result of accidents.

That is why they are in a situation where families really saddened by this, and is not really thinking ahead about their consequences or any accountability that they might want from the suspect.

The driver of a white Ford Bantam bakkie who stopped to help told authorities, that a small vehicle that was traveling in front of him ran over the child.

The vehicle was reportedly speeding out of control and the driver couldn’t stop just in time, however as soon as they realized this mistake is slowed down for a little minute before speeding off the driver couldn’t chase after him as he had to watch in try to assist the child.

The driver fled the scene. The deceased’s 5-year-old cousin was with her at the time of the incident, the children were playing at a block of flats when they spotted an orange rope lying on the road and in their attempt to retrieve the rope the collision occurred.

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