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REVEALED|| Masechaba Khumalo had 2 Virginities - see why

While JubJub thought he had everything under control by trying to expose Kelly Khumalo, things went from bad to worse.

Amanda Du-Pont accused him of rape and most women followed. Many women came forward in support of Amanda and acclaimed that they were also raped by JubJub , these women include Masechaba Khumalo.

Masechaba clearly stated that JubJub raped her and that at the time of the incident, she was still a virgin. This statement left Mzansi confused. We have every reason to believe that Masechaba was said she was raped by her father at 9 years old.

She also stated that she was a virgin, which leaves us with a big question: how many virginities can one women have?? Did Masechaba Khumalo make a mistake in that statement or she simply forgot that she was once raped before JubJub??

Unless of course she had 2 virginities, then we believe she is telling the truth. What's your take on this matter. Do you believe Masechaba's story??


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