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Road Accident

"Warnings" If You See This While Driving Don't Stop It's A Trap By Car Hijackers (see pics)

People in South Africa who are involved in car-hijacking syndicates are constantly able to get what they want, even if others are trying to stop them. Numerous attempts have been made to halt automobile hijacking syndicates over the years. No matter what the authorities have done, the hijackers always seem to be one step ahead of them.

This organization of auto hijackers has been bringing new techniques to its operations on a regular basis in order to assure their success, and the group appears to have a new trick up their sleeves with their most recent technique of vehicle spiking. Take a look at the boys' recent activities to see what they've been up to.

In the photographs above, for instance. According to their attire, they appear to be constructing these metro police car-like structures at the side of roads outside of towns. If you're speeding down the road and you notice this car-like structure in the distance, you'll instantly slow down. Because this is aimed to make you give up, it is evident. Slowing down will result in your car becoming immobilized, giving you little choice but to strike a wall in an attempt to figure out what's wrong.

When you stop trying to find a solution, someone will come and take your car away from you. When confronted with this situation, the best course of action is to simply walk over and wait for a state police vehicle to come after you. That is when you should give up and go to their aid.

The criminals have gone too far, but we can beat them at their own game if we share our tips and get to know one other. To increase the number of people who see this article, tell your friends and family about it.

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