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During one payment robbery in Gaborone, Mzansi was stabbed to death by Botswana police

During one payment robbery in Gaborone, Mzansi was stabbed to death by Botswana police. How many civilians killed.


In Gaborone, Botswana's city, nine suspected cash-in-transit criminals from South Africa and Botswana was killed in a shootout with authorities. Both nationalities were represented among the defendants. On Wednesday afternoon, 11 men with guns attacked and stole a cash-in-transit vehicle at Botswana's largest mall, according to Acting Police Commissioner Dipheko Motube. Regardless of the fact that the robbers had fled the area, police brought them back and confronted them at a location from just outside Gaborone. A 30-year-old Motswana woman has been arrested and imprisoned.

Police claim a task force has apprehended 200 individuals in cash-in-transit robberies | News Article

4 pistols and also an AK-47 was recovered at the scene, as shown by Motube. The remainder of the monies, he maintains, have been retrieved. Six people of a cash-in-transit organization were killed earlier this month in Rosettenville, a neighbourhood in the southern Johannesburg neighbourhood of Rosettenville, in a confrontation with police.

On Monday, they reappeared in the Johannesburg County Court, where the matter was adjourned until the 3rd of this next month. The court heard from the ten men who were arrested after a firefight with police in Rosettenville on Monday. They are suspected of murder and attempted murder, as well as having unlicensed arms and ammo, explosives, hijacked cars, and planning to steal cash-in-transit.

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