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Road Accident

I am in hospital after a serious accident, pray for me I have broken ribs and my car is written off


Being in a car accident can be traumatizing most people who find themselves in such situations happen to lose their confidence to due to scars they get from the accident. A young man shared on Twitter how he feels after being involved in a horrific accident.

Which almost took his life fortunately enough he survived with a broken ribs. He wrote on Twitter " I am in hospital after a serious accident on Saturday, please pray for me" he said. I have broken ribs God be with me, as for the car it is written off. The tweet he composed touched many people as they felt his pain.

When it comes coping after a serious accident people find difficult to speak out. This man managed to pray for himself on public revealing that he broke his ribs all because of a reckless driver who bumped into his car.

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