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Watch: School boy who hit three school girls caused a huge stirr on social media

School boy who hit three school girls at school caused a lot of talks on social media. It also seems as if there are a lot of problems in this school as some school children are even involved in gangsterism.

It also seems as if the teachers here may have tried their best to stop it but it seem as if they failed and decided to call a soldier to try and scare these children.

However people on social media were mostly talking about this young boy who hit three school girls in school. This soldier also even tried to scare this young boy also as he told him to hit him as he hit the young girls he hit in school.

Surely these young boys in this school probably grew up in a neighbourhood were there is a lot of gangsterism and lot of gender based violence, and probably saw this in their neighbourhood and they probably did what they saw in school.

This soldier even made this young boy to go call the school girls that he hit to apologize to the girls them.

Surely after what happened here the boy has probably learned a lesson here and will probably never hit another lady ever in his life. Some people on social media were even praising what the soldier did here as they said we need more people like this in our societies.

Surely teaching this boy while he is still young that hitting a lady is a wrong thing, he will probably grow up with that mentally which will be a great thing.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing this soldier scaring this young school boy.

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