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Watch: Metropolitan police caught on camera taking a bribe from a truck driver


Metropolitan police were caught on camera taking a bribe from a truck driver. The metropolitan police pulled these truck driver over and instead of giving the truck driver a fine for what they did the metropolitan police opted to take a bribe.

The metropolitan police asked the truck driver to give him R500 which they sent via EFT. After the metropolitan police got the money the truck driver aslo managed to get the licence plate of the vehicle which the metropolitan police were driving.

Surely these metropolitan police have taken many bribes before and this was the day which they were caught taking bribes. This will now surely put this metropolitan police's job at risk since there is also a video which showed them taking a bribe.

This is also evident that the metropolitan police took the bribe as the truck driver showed in his phone that he did send the money to the metropolitan police.

This metropolitan police will surely be suspended or even dismissed from work after his seniors see this. Some people on social media though were even saying that the reason why this metropolitan police took the bribe was because they are not getting paid enough for the job that they are doing. However now this metropolitan police just put his job at risk for just only R500.


This metropolitan police put himself at risk for just only R500 and surely after this he will definitely be dismissed at work. Surely this is not how people of the law should behave and behaviour like this should have consequences.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing this video.

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