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Remember Ginimbi See what Is Happening At His Grave that Left People Speechless/Opinion

Ginimbi, a well-known and respected businessman in Zimbabwe, has been gone for a whole year now. He and three of his other pals were all passengers in the vehicle that was involved in the collision. They passed away there and then. Ginimbi was the only one who made it out of the car alive, but the others were unable to escape in time and perished in the flames inside the vehicle.

A year has passed since his passing, and people have only recently begun wondering why his burial was left in such an unattended state. There is no headstone or tombstone on his grave even to this day. It was not touched in any way whatsoever. His sister is the one who is supposed to make sure that a tombstone is installed, but she has also left it like that. She is the one who is responsible for making sure that it is done.

She is living in Ginimbi's house and enjoying all the money that he left behind, but she cannot even afford to buy a tombstone for his brother, who left him millions of dollars. This is what makes it so funny.

Taking into consideration how pricey the coffin was that was used to bury Ginimbi, they should have placed another one immediately after he was laid to rest in order to prevent individuals from trying to steal it.

There were a number of headlines that went around claiming that some individuals were attempting to dig up his tomb in order to steal the pricey casket that was buried there.

That would have been the best moment to set up the tombstone.

However, they continued to leave it in that state.

Additionally, Ginimbi said in his will that he desired for his mansion to be converted into a hotel in the event that he passed away.

However, after a year there is still no hotel open for business. It would appear that her sister is currently enjoying the good life and has forgotten about all of her brother's hopes and dreams.

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