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Old Man Turned Into Fly- Fiction

Witchcraft is for real, as Mr Sithole from Zimbabwe was accused of killing people in the village of Xikundu in Giyani (Limpopo). It was believed that this man can cause accidents and kills with lightning and everyone in the village respects him for that and they don't mess around with the old Man. Limpopo is well respected in terms of witchcraft but this legend is one of the powerful wizard in the village.

One of the Sangoma's at the village tried to kill him with lightning by striking his home and set the house on fire and got burned while the old man was in the house and immediately people thought he was dead on the spot but to their surprise, a fly came out of the Hut, to the outside of the house where people were gathered in large numbers to help the Old man. The fly turned into him 500 meters away from the crowd.

People ran away from the yard of the old man, since it never happened that someone can turn into both a fly and human. This news spread over the whole village and the neighbor villages. The Old man revenge back by striking that Sangoma and he dead on the spot. The war between them was over. Mr Sithole is still the grand Master of witches and wizards in that village.

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