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Allegedly, Somali tuck-shop owner told SAPS what they use money made in SA for, that divided Mzansi


South Africans have been complaining about illegal trading and the illegal immigration of foreigners in South Africa, that bring no good news. South Africa’s policies and the constitution are not xenophobic. Surely foreigners are allowed in this country, but only when they have taken legal routes to enter South Africa. Immigration control is very important, since the country has to know who comes in and out of the country. This will prevent human trafficking, and smuggling of vehicles and drugs illegally in and out of the country. 

South Africans in townships are facing a difficult challenge. They have Somalis and Ethiopisnas who have opened spaza shops, selling food that is not inspected, or even eligible for human consumption. Unfortunately, nothing could be done, since people like cheap materials and food. They will continue buying at these shops, until they get sick. 

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On one of the ActionSA groups on Facebook, a man has alleged that one of the Somalis has informed SAPS members that businesses opened in South Africa, in some of the villages is to launder money for fund Al-Shabaab, which is a rebel group (thought to be a terrorist group). This shows that some of these Somalis are in South Africa to benefit and feed their countries.

Recently the story broke out that there is food poisoning that killed children in South Africa. People were attacking foreign owned tuck-shops, since they are capable of producing food not suitable for human consumption and expired items.

“Police raided a Somali store, and I got pictures of it. Not only are some of the items out of date, but it is also claimed that food is being produced using ingredients that aren't appropriate for human consumption. To trade illegally is one thing, but to poison civilians is quite another.”

FOOD POISONINGMpumalanga siblings have died within an hour of each other after allegedly eating noodles last week.

On Friday, the national health agency said it will investigate the possibility of food poisoning in three regions after the deaths of youngsters who reportedly ate "toxic noodles". Preliminary investigations into the deaths of children in Mpumalanga, the Eastern Cape and Gauteng provinces and municipalities were discussed on Thursday at a conference of environmental health practitioners from those areas.

For the department, Mohale added, this would allow them to collect further information, such as the brand name and supplier or producer of food as well as the places where it was bought. Environmental health specialists have gathered all other items associated with the suspected food goods and submitted them to a laboratory for testing. See the source imageSee the source image

In order to prevent further deaths, health officials will be able to establish a possible link between the noodles allegedly consumed in the provinces and the deaths, immediately notify the suppliers or manufacturers, while at the same time making a decision on the possible recall of all suspected food products from the shelves for large-scale laboratory testing as part of the broader investigation process."

Mohale added that before impacted items could be recalled, the type, causes, extent, and degree of the danger have to be determined. If additional persons in the immediate region had been treated for probable food poisoning and similar symptoms, and if mortuaries had received human remains from those who died of possible food poisoning, the inquiry will look into this. "

Any advances in the inquiry will be communicated to the affected families and the general public. Any questionable food goods should be reported to the local authorities by the department. We send our deepest sympathies to the parents and relatives of those who have lost their children under tragic circumstances. Our thoughts and prayers are with them." "The loss of a child is an extraordinarily sad event in anyone's life, and our thoughts and prayers are with them at this terrible time."


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