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26 Funny Pictures And Jokes for fun


2. Musa was tending to his livestock one day when he noticed one of his cows had gone completely blind.

He contacted a veterinarian acquaintance, who advised him to bring his cow in.

The vet gave the cow a quick examination, then inserted a tube into the cow's buttocks and blew into it until the cow's eyes straightened out. Musa paid 2,000 Naira to the vet and returned home delighted.

The cow's eyes were crossed again a week later, but Musa decided he could definitely handle it himself this time.

So he contacted his buddy Akpos, and the two of them worked together to get a tube up the cow's butt.

Musa pressed his lips to the tube and began to blow. When nothing happened, he asked Akpos to give it a shot.

Akpos took out the tube, twisted it around, inserted it into the cow's butt, and began blowing.

Musa was taken aback and inquired, "What are you doing?"

Look at you, you believe I'll utilize the side you've put in your mouth, says Akpos.

3. Akpos inquired, "Mum, what will you buy for me if I pass my exams?" His mother answered, "Anything you want, my son."

Akpos returned home ecstatic at the end of the semester. He implored his mother to keep her promise, but she stated she didn't have the money yet. I knew it, I shouldn't have passed, Akpos yelled.

4. When you want to show your Instagram followers that you're having fun...

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