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Wait? What Happened To The Stocko Girls? | South Africans Responds | See What People Are Saying

Fame can be a very fickle thing, you can find yourself being very famous for one minute and then suddenly no one cares the next minute, which is exactly what is happening to the Stocko girls.

During lockdown towards the festival season last year a group of young ladies were suddenly very famous after a video of them dancing to a popular song went viral and started trending on different social media platforms, The song they were dancing to in the video was called "John Vuli Gate".

However, now the ''Stocko girls'' seem to have disappeared without a trace and a popular Twitter user asked other South Africans on Twitter about the whereabouts of the young ladies, and people responded with some hilarious answers, see this...

"John o kwetse gate"

"Forgotten is where they are"

"- the stoko was sold out"

"John closed the gate😂😂😂😂"

"If vanished into thin air was a group"

"Their request was granted.. John opened."

"John finally opened the gate so they entered."

"They thought they have finally arrived"

"John finally opened the gate so they're inside"

"Market o Tswetse, Stock se Fedile😌"

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