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The Story Of A Boy Who Is Gradually Becoming A Superstar After Bullies Called Him A Monkey

No condition is permanent and nobody knows tomorrow. That's why it's good to treat people well irrespective of their status. The person whom you refer to as a nobody today could be your destiny helper tomorrow. In my article today, I will be sharing with you the story of a boy who was referred to as a monkey by bullies simply because he was born different.

[Photo Credit: Afrimax]

This boy was mocked because of his unique way of life, he fed on grass, ran very fast and spent most of his time in the bush. It takes a lot of effort for his mother and other villages to catch him and take him home in the evening.

[Photo Credit: Afrimax]

According to his mother's story, he was the only surviving child as others died at delivery. She had to pray to God to give her a child that would live even if he or she would have a disability. God answered her prayer and she treated her son with so much love despite his condition. A mother's love for her child is incomparable.

[Photo Credit: Afrimax]

This young man has gone from wearing tattered clothes to wearing suits. God indeed works mysteriously and He doesn't need the permission of your village people to bless you. The stone which the builders rejected, is gradually becoming a cornerstone.

[Photo Credit: Afrimax]

Back then when he was suffering, people distance themselves from him but they now want to be around him. The young man now pulls a massive crowd whenever he steps out on the street. He now owns a house through the funds raised for his upkeep.

Sometimes, we feel discouraged and think that nothing good would come out of our efforts, but this is not always true. There is always light at the end of the tunnel and the fact that people wrote you off doesn't mean you won't succeed.

CREDIT: Afrimax

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