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A new born baby was found deceased inside a plastic bag at Spokopark,Thokgwaneng in Ga-chuene,outside Polokwane.

Another heartbreaking incident has happened in Limpopo yet again that leaves residents very shocked.

Apparently the incident happened yesterday around 4 to 5pm in Spokopark, Thokgwane g in Ga-Chuene just outside Polokwane.It was found that a 15-year-old teenager gave birth in the bushes all by herself and therefore put the newborn baby inside a plastic bag.Sadly the newborn baby did not make it and it was found already deceased.

This incident has shocked many people and still wonder why 15-year-old teenager decided to give birth in the bushes.

This incident is very heartbreaking, people still cannot believe that indeed the young girl gave birth on her own.Sadly in the bushes whilet there are hospitals and she could have got the assist she needed.The emergency personnel (Police Services and Forensics) were called to the scente and they found the newborn baby dead.

More investigations will be done and probably the 15-year-old will come out with the truth.

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Source: Updates With LolahM

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