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Birthday celebration of the DEAD shocks Mzansi.

Mzansi has been taken aback by the news of a birthday party held for the deceased.

Images that many people would describe as upsetting have been circulating on social media, which has left South Africans feeling enraged.

They hold the view that the deceased should be allowed to lay in peace, and that events like this are only held to stroke people's egos.

In certain places, such as Indonesia, people would unearth their mummified ancestors once every three years, give them a bath, and outfit them in the garments that were most important to them so that their spirits are honored.

People in Mzansi believe that this is inappropriate and that it should not even be a trend.

"If you wish to commemorate the life of someone who has passed away, you should do it without digging up the grave.

"This is upsetting to those who have passed on, and it is a traumatic experience for the living." It simply doesn't make logic to me," remarked Hloni Magwaza.

According to Linda Sibande, whoever organizes anything like this is just doing it to stroke their own egos.

She said that if someone wanted to commemorate the life of another individual, they would have done it when the individual was still living.

Linda said that it seemed as if the speaker was attempting to assuage a guilty conscience.

According to Aaron Mahlangu, individuals in this day and age are too eager for attention, and the fact that this did not surprise him in the least.

"On a daily basis, someone will engage in an absurd act in the pursuit of likes.

Aaron was quoted as saying, "Whoever does this is obviously insane, and I hope that they get tormented."

Mimi Ngema said that while she loves her mother with all of her heart and soul, she would never do anything like this.

If I were to bury my mother, she would most likely come back to torment me. Mimi said that it was upsetting to those who had passed away.

Kegan Moonsammy said that despite the fact that this seems to be terrifying, he would not fully discount it.

"I wouldn't be upset if my famly did this for me, but I'm very sure that I wouldn't do festivities like this for my family if they did it for me.

Kegan was quoted as saying, "It seems horrific but I assume they have solid reasons why they are doing such," in reference to the activity.


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