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(Video)In shock, One of the murderers of Bontle confessed that he killed Bontle for her body parts.


one of the murderers of Bontle has confessed that he killed Bontle for her body parts. According to Blessings Ramona, the perpetrator murdered the other three youngsters before Bontle and sold their body parts.

If you check the video, you'll hear the murderer discuss the money he was getting for the kids' body parts. It appears that the murderer went to great lengths to murder the small children and sell their bodies.

Bontle mashiyane had disappeared for more than three weeks when his mutilated body was discovered near her home on Saturday. It suggests the young lady's body was dumped not far from her home and her body parts were not all in all.

Bontle was killed by her neighbors, according to the police. The neighbors were a wife and a husband, police said. The wife is the mastermind behind the scene. The couple claims to have been selling parts to a traditional healer, police said. Police said this is not the first time this couple has slain youngsters for their body parts.

These neighbors had a child, however, I'm curious as to how they feel when they murder another woman's child. Are they feeling comfortable ribbing children's bodies apart to sell? Some people are truly evil.

After hearing this kind of scenario, it appears that the rumors are very much disappointed.

Some of your neighbors or acquaintances are callous. They don't even feel bad about killing people. South Africa must take action about this.

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