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From Nyaope boy to a Handsome man. See Pictures below

Sometimes we as South Africans we ask things that are very far from us. To start smoking drugs or nyaope it start by smoking cigarettes and most of the time adolescent take its part, to take you into smoking drugs. Other people they smoke drugs because they're being abused, raped at homes by Parents, uncles etc. Which is totally wrong. Before you going to take drugs think about the coming rewards of using them. First of all you might get arrested and spend time in jail without no bail, because drugs is a big thing in South Africa. And again using drugs you might end up running at home, and staying at the streets asking people money each and every day. Last night there was a picture of a cute young man all over social media who was using drugs for so many years, he was sleeping on the streets, asking people's money. So his family decided to take him to rehabilitation center, now you won't believe if you can see his pictures. He is looking like a handsome young man. A man to die for. Please check the pictures below of young man using drugs and after he stop using drugs. You won't believe.

Our advice is Parents at home, let's please not abuse our children. Because abusing children at home it lead him/her to run away at home and end up staying at the streets. He/she will end up using drugs as well. And it is so painful to see your child staying under the bridge with no food, your own child that you got pregnant for him/her for a period of 9 months. Is not good at all to abuse a child. Give your kids tender love and care, so that they can be good people when they grow up. We love you. Please share with others and follow us for more 24/7HotNews.

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