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The ruthless insurance murderer.

Mzansi meet Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu . A former police officer who has the whole of Mzansi puzzled and horrified by the gruesome crime committed and ocherstrated by Ndlovu.

Ndlovu has ocherstrated the murders of six people since 2012. All of whom are her relatives. Shocking and disgusting . The question you shall ask next is why? Well the story gets more disturbing interesting , she murdererd all these people , five family members and her boyfriend to cash in on insurance claims.

Her story has been describe as a Sherlock Holmes story , something from a horror movie or something . How can a police officer be capable of such heinous acts? The people we expect to obey the rule of law and protect us in society happens to be the one we need cover from , ironic how life is sometimes.

Ndlovu when put on trial confidently pleaded not guilty, though the evidence is stacked up against her. Where does one get the nerve and courage to confidently speak with pride in a court when being accused of murder? It seems Ndlovu thinks she can dodge the cells and walk freely . Based on her body language on trial , she does not show any remorse whatsoever it's as if she wants to convince us all that she really is innocent. Well one thing l know is that murder especially if this murky nature always has a way of bringing the killer to justice someway some how , so it's only a matter of time until she pays for her sins. 

Since the year 2012 Ndlovu manipulated her way into millions of insurance claims by killing her family members in the coldest most gruesome way possible . She burnt some of her family members inside a house , she hired a hit man to take out the other , another was poisoned and apparently according to reports she strangled her boyfriend Maurice Mabasa to death . All of these devilish murders were all done in the name of denero. 

This should make us question the insurance claims policy that we have in this country , serious changes must be implemented to avoid such from taking place because seriously we are not safe in a country where family takes out family just to claim on insurance.

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