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Watch: Nigerians Are Being Evicted In Randburg

The dream of one borderless africa has been successfully sold to the poor south africans who have surrendered their once beautiful cities to the foreign nationals.It is only in south africa where one would find the foreign nationals dominating the city in more than fifty percent to a point where that place automatically becomes a no go area for the south africans.The illegal foreigners are all over the country establishing the businesses and exposing themselves to the exploitation of the south African employers,moreover,some of these foreigners are the most wanted criminals back in their respective countries.South africa has become a perfect hideout for such persons.Some of the south africans have become aware of the fact that the country has been looted by the citizens of the neighbouring countries using the phrase we are africans.One of the leading crimes associated with the foreigners is the hijacking of the buildings,this buildings were in most cases left by the white people who went back to Europe after the black government took over the power from the National Party,the white people were afraid that the blacks would do what they did to them back in the days of apartheid.The Nigerians in most cases,are the ones who normally takes over this buildings and claiming the ownership,the prostitution,the sale of drugs and the trafficked individuals are normally found in those buildings.Meanwhile,the community of randburg in the province of Gauteng,with the help of the south african police services evicted the number of Nigerians who are suspected to have occupied that building illegally,the property of those Nigerians were taken outside the yard by the community members.There's this one Nigerian who can't stop talking but the south africans never gave him attention as they continued to move out their furniture out of the property.Dudula operations are slowly gaining ground and many south africans from different areas of the country are starting to reciprocate what dudula is doing.

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