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Priest did this to a Lesbian in St Phillips Anglican Church, Tshwane. Check here

Priest 'Assaults' LESBIAN

He purportedly assaulted her to address her methodologies. 


The lady (41), who can't be named, said her minister accepted that as a lesbian she was taking a street that was unGodly. 

She guarantees the minister assaulted her at St Phillips Anglican Church in Sunnyside, Tshwane, where she was an overseer in 2018. 

The lady said she went to search for an administrator work as she experienced childhood in the congregation. 


She asserted the minister disclosed to her he needed to engage in s..e..xual relations with her before he could extend to her an employment opportunity. 

"He constrained himself on me. He had an extra key to my room and would come in whenever to request s..e..x," she said. 

"He was saying I was denying myself of something worth being thankful for and needed me to feel how a man has an aftertaste like." 

At last, she was unable to take it any longer and announced the make a difference to the Anglican Diocese of Pretoria. 

A disciplinary hearing was held and the minister was seen as liable, yet he was suspended for just a half year – and before that time was done he was once again grinding away. 

"I wasn't content with the manner in which the congregation took care of the case," she said. 

"A few gatherers were unsettled about it, all things considered." 

Funeral home BURNS TO ASHES! 

She got a new line of work in an alcohol store in Rustenburg, where she thought she'd discovered harmony," she said. 

"However, the minister came into the store. He wasn't there to purchase. He was there to harrass me. He was saying I thought I planned to annihilate him." 

She said she was harmed on the grounds that he was gloating to his companions he engaged in sexual relations with her, yet she never agreed to anything with him. 

"I feel like he's actually following me since he comes regularly," she said. 

She later found the minister had been moved to a branch in Rustenburg. 

She didn't open an assault case at the time as she suspected the congregation would deal with the matter. She's wanting to open a case now. 

Day by day Sun addressed three family members who said they were against what the minister did. 

"We urged her to go to the media to uncover this minister," said a family member and Anglican church part. 

Another overall said they were despondent on the grounds that the minister was circumventing gloating about how he needed to demonstrate she was a lady. 

The Anglican Diocese of Pretoria affirmed in an articulation that in November 2019 the minister was charged regarding the Canons and Constitution of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. 

"He confessed to, and was indicted for negation of Canon 37 (extramarital perversion) in that he had dishonest direct of a sexual sort with a representative with whom he had a peaceful relationship," read the proclamation. 

The congregation said following his liable request and conviction, the minister was suspended for a half year, along with auxiliary approvals. 

It said he's carried out his punishment and has since accepted peaceful obligations. 

In its examination it discovered maltreatment of force which prompted extramarital perversion. The minister was never accused of assault. 

It said the lady has the option to lean toward criminal allegations against the minister, however that falls outside the Church's locale. 

Jeanette Sera, social specialist at Powa, encouraged the lady to open a case and go through directing. 

"Courts can be scary and the adversary's legal counselors may attempt to obliterate her," said Sera. 

"Getting guiding aides numerous survivors of assault not to be sincerely delicate in courts." 

A legal counselor, who would not like to be named, said: "The casualty's story recommends this is an assault case, a criminal offense by law. 

"In such cases the casualty needs to open a case with police, and the exploring official will examine and accumulate all proof to be given to the court."

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