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"If he has neighbours l can only feel for them." One suggests after seeing huge speakers

The worst thing anyone would have to deal with in my opinion is having to put up with neighbours with a loud sound system that will keep you awake at all times.

How do you deal with such noisy neighbours?

I’ll give you my best advice that’s recently works for me. First of all whatever everyone else tells you do not come to your neighbor and ask them to lower the music (nicely or not doesn’t matter) why? because believe me you will have to ask them to lower their music again and again in the future. 

There will be a time when you’re sick of doing that but if you end up calling the cops to do the job, that neighbor will know it’s you! … so instead just call the cops right away the first time, they won’t be cited if it’s just their first time they’ll just be warned.

Just like this guy that has left many people dumbstruck with his hectic sound system. This was the post that started everything👇🏾

Twitter was ablaze with many reactions after they saw this post, l mean with a sound system like this you will always be in problems with your neighbors.

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