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How Cultists Severely Dealt with Lady who did a Tiktok video Using Cult Slang

The subject of a recent video that has gone viral on numerous social media platforms is a young girl who appears to be used to impersonating cultists on her Tiktok profile, but who was recently dealt with by cultists in a bizarre manner.

She just posted a video on her TikTok profile in which she used some cult terminology and she was brave enough to broadcast it. Unknown individuals, who were rumoured to be cultists, tracked her down and dealt with her.

Take a look at this screenshot taken from one of her videos.

In an isolated building, the cultists raped and severely beaten her over the TikTok video she had posted. She was stripped of her clothes and severely beaten.

The possibility that she was killed during the procedure has been rumoured, although this has not been proven.

Below is a photo of her being brutalised by the cultists, as she pleaded for mercy.

She should be held responsible for whatever happens to her, even if I am not in favour of cultism and strongly condemn what they did to her.

Despite the fact that she was well aware that her film would almost certainly draw the notice of cultists, she went ahead and shared it on her TikTok profile, despite the fact that she was not herself a member of the group at that time.

If the feared cultists find out, it may not be altogether amusing. This should serve as a warning to the vast majority of us who go about mimicking cultists or attempt to sound like them.

I'm curious as to what you think.

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