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Divorce Affair

[Listen] Voice Notes Reveal The Truth About The Police Woman Who was Shot 15 times

Date: 21/09/21



It was countrywide news when it came out that a policewoman was shot more than 15 times with her Forex trader boyfriend. This was something no one expected, especially if you pay close attention to the full story.

The couple were said to have been short near a traffic light where they had stopped and shooters came and showered the car with multiple bullets. The news initially said the guy who ordered the hit was an ex but the truth has finally come out.


A Twitter user posted pictures of the couple and fully explained the whole story of what happened. He even attached important voice notes of one of the police officers who worked with Mbali, the woman who was shot dead.

In the voice note, he mentions how the woman was actually still married to the Taxi owner but decided to start cheating with the Vumile, who was a very successful Forex trader. It is said that she saw how much money the guy had and instantly lost all respect for her husband and decided to leave him for the guy.

The couple was not even divorced but only separated. The taxi owner warned Vumile to stay away from his wife multiple times but he never did. He only hired police bodyguards who went with him everywhere. He only stopped going with them after a year, thinking he was now safe and that's when the taxi owner decided to strike.

The taxi owner had done everything for his wife with the little money he had and when a richer guy came, Mbali left him like he was nothing. This is what made him so angry that he even took his own life after the fact.


In the voice notes, it is obvious that almost everyone involved in this case was wrong. Vumile was wrong for continuing the relationship after being warned, Mbali was wrong for leaving her husband informally so and the taxi owner was wrong for killing Vumile and Mbali.

Listen to the voice notes that were released below:

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