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In Sh0ck: A Man Was Stabbed At McDonalds

A man was stabbed and left for dead at McDonald’s last night, fortunate enough paramedics were contacted and went to the scene on time. The motive behind the stabbing has not been established, but the patient was stabilized on site and later taken to the ER24 for further treatment and care.

It is possible that the victim might have been stabbed during a robbery, because if it was a hit he could have been killed but it seems like they stepped in and took whatever they wanted in left. The crime rate in this country is very high and it is something that the government should monitor a lot, it seems like ever since the lockdown pandemic started the government has been concentrating more on the COVID-19 cases than crime.

They are for getting that claim does the same damage that COVID-19 does, because people die when claim is being perpetrated most of the times. Criminals kill people just to get whatever they want, so it cannot be brushed off and treated like a small matter.

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