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Limpopo:The Polokwane Community Beat A Man After Robbing A Shopper

Life Is Indeed very short for criminals no normal person will work or develop a business for criminals to take for free people must learn to respect others people's properties.

Polokwane has recently turned into a perilous spot to live. We know polokwane to be probably the most secure town in South Africa, yet with respect to now, Polokwane is similarly pretty much as hazardous as Johannesburg. It is similarly pretty much as hazardous as Durban. 

There are a great deal of perilous frequencies that are being accounted for occurring in Polokwane. The theft, the homicides and the assault cases. A great deal of things are occurring including murders and ladies misuse. 

On the off chance that polokwane however little as it very well might be, however tranquil as it seems to be, has become this way, what will befall Johannesburg, and other enormous urban areas like Cape towwn and Durban. 

They will become places that are excruciating to live in. May the equity framework assist the residents with making this spots alright for individuals.

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