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Gogo returns on social media after frying full chickens for her family last year, she does it again


The day it all happened it was like a dream to many people on social media. Today followers on Facebook commented on what this granny did for her children and extended family. After sharing images of her giving the rest of the family full chickens not drumsticks.

While other families share pieces of meat during family gatherings. This old women decided to be different she prepared full chicken for everyone who attended the gathering. It is alleged that she slaughtered over 50 chickens only to cook for her family members.

The little Gogo did that day was remembered today on social media. Giving her applaud that not every women can do this to her family and extended family. Visitors and members of the family had the perfect launch causing social media users to turn jealous. After viewing the happiness Gogo brings to the family.

While other family relatives asks for donations Gogo did it alone once again. People were left out of worlds. It is alleged that she does this yearly to bring peace and happiness, to her family as large not only her children.

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