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Shock As University Student Rapes Female Cop

A cops job is supposed to be that of protecting citizens. 

But a female police officer suffered cruel fate when she fell victim to a cruel crime. The officer is agreeable 49 and the incident happened in Ongwediva, Namibia.

The cop, who is stationed at the University of Namibia, said she was on her way home when a young man approached her from behind. 

The young man was wearing a mask and cap and the cop did not have any suspicions since it is the norm these days for people to wear masks. 

Trouble then started when she brushed off the young man's advances telling him point blank that she was not of his age. 

He then continued with the small talk whilst following her, and the victim realised she should take a different route because she was becoming uncomfortable with the questions that were being asked by the suspect. 

But the young man grabbed her hand and told the officer that he would teach her a lesson as police officers put them through a lot during arrests. 

She said the young man instructed her to give him her cellphone and to undress and bend backwards. She complied as she feared for her life. 

When he was done, he told her to dress and he gave her back her cellphone before fleeing in foot. 

The suspect has not yet been arrested, and preliminary investigations continue.


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