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Killers of Bontle Mashiyane confessed killing her for body parts, See here?

Source: Twitter

Heartless criminals have been caught by the police when they were confessing to the police telling them that they killed a young girl who was just about to take off in the future because she was already going to creche.

This type of criminals should be dealt with by the communities because the police will eventually let them off sometime around after they’ve done the time in jail and this is very bad because the mothers of the children were killed will forever remain motherless.

Sometimes going to jail is not an option because when a person goes to jail also come out of the same place in cells but if a person is taken care of by the mobs that person will forever be mean and know that you must never mess with people.

This is a very sad crime that has been committed because the mother and the father of the kids in question will never forget the pain they were caused.

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Bontle Mashiyane


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