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People were left with questions after noticing this on a police van

People are still to understand what they just saw on a police van. It is no secret that the presence of Coronavirus in South Africa has changed how people live. Now people have to wear face-makes wherever they go. But after reading what is written on this police Van left people with unanswered questions.

On this police van, it is written "No mask no entry" and that confused so many people on Twitter. People were wondering what would happen if the police have to arrest a person without a face mask "Do they walk to the police station if they're not wearing a mask?" Asked a confused influencer.Twitter users hopped into the comment section to share their thoughts about this and The majority of them were just finding this funny "They didn't arrest you if you don't have a mask" said a Twitter user who found this funny. "I guess they will walk," said a Twitter user who was confused.

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