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Zimbabwean Lady who Used Three Different Names to Register for Residential Permit Busted Online

One of the areas confronting significant issues in South Africa is movement. Regardless of the work of comparing bodies like Home Affairs in ensuring that documentation is improved, it seems like culprits of egregious wrongdoings in this organizations are not withdrawing on their journey to annihilate the uprightness of our country.

In a new turn of events, a Zimbabwean woman has been busted for involving three unique names in enrolling for her three different private grants.

The woman addressed Amla Roda Gumede in her first report, enrolled with Veronica Dudzile Buthelezi in her subsequent grant and enlisted with Mzizi Anna Nini in her third grant.

This continue to bring up the issue of what precisely are our Home Affairs individuals are doing. Individuals can simply stroll into Home Affairs Commission and register for a similar report utilizing various names.

This is a complete negligence of our laws and it is unsuitable. I need the extravagance of government organizations dealing with such issues. They should ascend and do the needful.


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