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Sad news-Yet again SA has lost a legend

The South African Police Service (SAPS) has announced a bloodbath slaughter that left six illicit diggers dead and 35 captured in Orkney, North West on Wednesday 6 October. Around 300 "Zama Zamas" utilized explosives to exit from the underground prior to assaulting security. 


A gathering of police and security groups attacked 300 illicit diggers who were dispatching a surge on safety crew at an Orkney shaft ventilation. Six individuals were killed and 35 suspects were captured for endeavored murder, causing a blast, malignant harm to property, and intrigue to perpetrate wrongdoing. 

"In a bid to address unlawful mining exercises, the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Illegal Mining Team containing different units like Public Order Police (POP), Detectives, Organized Crime, National Intervention Unit and Forensics, cooperating with other job players including mine security, captured on Wednesday, 6 October 2021, 35 suspects for endeavored murder, causing a blast, noxious harm to property and scheme to perpetrate wrongdoing," SAPS said. 

"The suspects were captured at No. 6 Lawrence Park shaft ventilation in Orkney and the area." 

"The captures came after a gathering of roughly 300 illicit diggers normally known as "Zama zamas" assaulted and took shots at the security officials and later the police trying to strongly give food stuffs to their kindred unlawful excavators who were underground. The shooting episodes that unfurled at around 18:30 prompted the passings of unlawful diggers. 

"Four bodies were found nearby the shaft, one was discovered around 800 meters from the crime location while the 6th one was found in the shrubberies close to Kanana Location. A few food packages and two guns were found at the crime location." 


Police say the fierce assault came after the administration chose to get serious about unlawful mining endeavors. Mining shafts were allegedly shut off, leaving numerous unlawful diggers caught underground. 

"The captures and shooting occurrences came after a choice by the mine administration to clasp down on illicit mining exercises by shutting the ventilation shaft which the "zama zamas" had been utilizing to enter and exit different shafts," SAPS added. 

The circumstance left the unlawful diggers caught underground with no food supply and water. This drove the "Zama Zamas" to utilize explosives to acquire power exits out of the fixed shaft the last the end of the week. After three days, the "Zama Zamas" dispatched arose again to dispatch the assault that brought about 300 captures and six fatalities. 

"The activity successfully halted the stock of foodstuffs and water to the "zama zamas". Thus, a portion of the unlawful diggers intentionally and because of deficiency of food and water, utilized explosives to open an opening and began to leave the shaft on Saturday, 2 October 2021. On Sunday, 3 October 2021, a larger number than 500 had as of now left the shaft. They were completely handled including being medicinally analyzed for lack of hydration prior to being delivered. Some were treated by paramedics while a couple of others were taken to the clinic. 

"Despite the fact that no one left on Monday and Tuesday, the "zama zamas" left again on Wednesday evening, 6 October 2021. It was at that stage that a portion of the unlawful excavators dispatched an assault which brought about the passings."CHAOS: 300 illegal miners attack security, 30 arrested, six killed (

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