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Death everywhere this gang shot dead 6 innocent victims and killed them all even the girlfriend

Death everywhere this men shot dead 6 innocent victims and killed them all even the girlfriend 


Guns have become an enemy of the people more especially in South Africa, people are losing their lives daily just because of the weapons given to people who can not control themselves or their anger issues.

Six innocent people lost their lives after thsuf caught in the crossfire, families are left in tears and they question themselves about the incident, kids are left all alone with their parents because of the reckless behavior of an individual who doesn't think before he does something.

The wedding on the same street ended in tears and sorrow, the suspects have caused such pain in the families of those who lost their loved ones.

The police are working closely with the community to find the suspects who are responsible for this incident.

Question of the day, do you think the law enforcement is enough to protect you against the criminals ?

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