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Top 5 Countries With The Most Wicked Law For Drug Trafficking

1. Malaysia

One of the countries where drug laws are the most dangerous around the world is Malaysia.

It is legal in Malaysia for drug traffickers to be put to death. In some countries, even if someone has illegal drugs on them, they could be punished by getting a fine or even being sent back to their home country. In Malaysia, people who drive while drunk are also punished very harshly.

2. China

In China, drug trafficking can lead to death. Those who sell, transport, or make more than 50 grams of heroin or methamphetamine can get 15 years in prison, life in prison, or even death.

To the Chinese people, drug control is a very important issue for their country. The Chinese government has a lot more responsibility because it has to keep people safe and make sure the people have a good life and a good future. Keeping drugs out of China has always been a top government priority. The government has set up a lot of rules, policies, and measures to help them do this.

3. Vietnam

To punish people for drug crimes because of the seriousness of them in Vietnam, they are sentenced very harshly. In the United States, people who have more than one-and-a-half pounds of heroin will be put to death with a lethal injection if they get caught.

Vietnam has a lot of foreigners who have been sentenced to death or life in prison for drug trafficking because of the harsh penalties that come with it.

4. Iran

There is a very high execution rate in Iran. If you're caught with drugs in Iran, the punishments can be very harsh. Most people who have or use illegal drugs get long prison sentences, big fines, and even the death penalty as punishment for their crimes

5. The country of Thailand

One of the most dangerous drug trafficking laws in the world is in Thailand, and it is very hard to get caught. Under U.S. law, even small amounts of illegal drugs can get you in prison for a long time or get you fined a lot.

He could be put to death if he is found guilty of having 20 grams of a Class A drug when he leaves Thailand. Heroin is a Class A drug, which means that if you have it or try to sell it, you'll get the same punishment as if you tried to sell amphetamines or ecstasy, which are both illegal.

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