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Road Accident

WATCH| Horrific Accident On Pretoria's Killer Road Leaves Mzansi Traumatized (GRAPHIC CONTENT)


Death is heartbreaking, but one cannot avoid it. Everything comes to an end. You find death in the entire cosmos. Stars die and the solar system gets consumed by black holes. The fact is, no matter how long an average lifespan is, everything comes to an end. Whether it is de-earthing or transitioning to another form, death exists across the whole universe.

Many people pray for protection before they leave their homes because they can not fathom the thought of leaving their loved ones behind. Sadly, when the time has come for one to pass, they cannot escape death.

It has been reported that a taxi, or Quantum rather, overturned on the Mabopane Highway this morning. According to several reports, medical personnel was on the scene. Details of the accident are still sketchy and it is not yet clear how many people were in the taxi, how many were injured, or if there are any fatalities at the scene.


According to witnesses, the driver was driving at a high speed before the accident. Some call the Mabopane Highway 'the killer road', citing that there are always accidents on that road. Some say that in most cases, the accidents that happen on that road involve taxis.

Energy must keep on being transferred from one form to another. Just like humans feed on other biotic components, they too must be consumed by other forms of life be it bacteria, protozoa, and so forth. Humans are not excluded from the system but they are a part of it, thus death becomes necessary.

Sadly, one cannot prevent death by avoiding the date of death. They will never know how they are going to die. However, if people drive safer and consider other drivers on the roads, accidents can be avoided therefore lives can still be saved.

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