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“I Want To Die And Rest”, Last Words Of 16-Year-Old Mzanzi Girl Who Committed suicide

Nako took her own life after being bullied by her classmates because she had a spiritual gift. I want to be done. I feel so empty. I want to die and be free. Her last words were, "I want to die and rest in peace so I can be free."

Bhisho High School's Grade 10 student is said to have taken pesticide and died in the hospital in the Eastern Cape on Wednesday, November 17. This is what people say happened.

Her story was very open: She talked about how she was bullied on social media platforms and how close to killing herself she was before she died.

Lathitha wrote a voice note to a friend and sent a text message to her cousin, both of which were found by local media. After failing a test and being accused of witchcraft by other students, she was humiliated in front of her classmates.

She then talks about how she doesn't like fighting. Her heartbroken family wants bullying in schools to be dealt with so that there won't be any more tragedies like this one.

Nathitha wanted to be a doctor. Her family had high hopes for her, but they were ruined by tragedy.

My heart is broken because I won't be able to see Lathitha again. I will only be able to look at pictures of her. My heart will stay broken. Bisho High School hasn't worked. I have a hard time getting to sleep.

Petros Majola, who works for the Khula

Community Development Project, says that a program needs to be made to stop bullying in schools.

Let's work together to come up with a way to stop bullying at school. If they have their own rules, we're not sure if they talk about them.

The Provincial Department of Education is also looking into what happened to her before she died.

Eastern Cape Department of Education spokeswoman Vuyiseka Mboxela says an investigation that needs to be done right away is taking place.

People are going to meet tomorrow to look at this learner holistically and then give a directive. There is a multidisciplinary committee because there are people outside of the department who want to know more about this. My boxer said that, so I'll say that too.

Social workers will also be sent to the school to help students and teachers.

Take a look at her pictures below.


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Bhisho High School I Want To Die And Lathitha Mzanzi Nako


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