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Abathembu king Declares war against abuser Major

Questionable Anbathembu lord Dalindyebo has announced battle against supposed lady victimizer Major Bhekizulu. Major has been in the information after proof was released blaming him for truly manhandling his sweetheart Namhla Mtwa during their relationship which crossed numerous years. Namhla was subsequently shot to death in the wake of leaving the relationship.

The lord who has invested energy in jail for different wrongdoings including grabbing was tending to a gathering of dissidents who had embarked on a mission to look for equity for the late Mtwa. He expressed:

" screw that rubbish. On the off chance that the individual is politically associated or has monetary assets to pay off the police or whoever, he should be passed on to us. Any place he is found in South Africa he should be captured. Look here, I'm allowing him three days to surrender himself to the police if not we will consume everything including his homes. Just three days. On the off chance that he doesn't hand himself over in three days we consume everything".

Major has denied being at legitimate fault for the violations he's been blamed for. of sorts namhla-mtwas-beau says-hes-blameless as-calls-develop for-quick activity 20220522 dalindyebo-let out of jail 20191223

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