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Finally the killer is found

Giving over judgment, Judge President Cagney Musi highlighted a remarkable absence of proof and declarations 'packed with unlikelihoods, inconsistencies' against Sekola Matlaletsa and Skwetje Mahlamba

The two men blamed for the homicide of 21-year-old Brendin Horner on a Free State ranch, were viewed not entirely blameworthy on all charges by the Free State high court on Friday morning. 

Sekola Matlaletsa, 44, and Skwetje Mahlamba, 32 were dealing with indictments of homicide, burglary, and stock robbery for the situation. 

The body of the 21-year-old homestead supervisor was found on 2 October 2020, in Paul Roux, Free State. Horner's body was viewed as bound to a fence on the ranch where he worked. Wounds to the body proposed Horner had been hauled across the harsh territory. His blood-stained bakkie was subsequently found deserted on the N5 between Paul Roux and Bethlehem. 

Police captured Mahlamba and Matlaletsa the day after Horner's body was found after they had supposedly bragged assaulting a white man while they were savoring a bar. Every day Maverick recently detailed that police had recuperated blood-smudged garments in Mahlamba's home, which he denied. 

The case started racial strains in the Free State and prompted fights by rural pioneers and local area individuals from Senekal and the encompassing regions outside the Senekal Magistrates' Court, where Mahlamba and Matlaletsa previously showed up. 

Peruse in the Daily Maverick: Police move to subdue indignation regarding Senekal rancher's homicide, however political interests take steps to fan the fire 

Conveying the judgment on Friday in procedures that were communicated in real-time on different news channels, Judge President Cagney Musi said there were inconsistencies and lies in the proof of state observers. 

"The forms of the observers are loaded with unlikelihoods, logical inconsistencies, and now and again, plain lies. It is difficult to observe an intelligent and steady form from the various declarations," said Musi. 

The appointed authority president said that there was lacking proof interfacing Matlaletsa and Mahlamba to Horner's homicide. 

"None of the denounced fingerprints match those found in the bakkie. The blood tests that were dissected ended up being blood tests of three people other than the two charged," said Musi. 

Matlaletsa and Mahlamba's PDA records likewise showed that they were not close to the prime location at the pertinent time, he said. 

The blood smudges distinguished in the garments recuperated from Mahlamba's home "didn't coordinate with the blood of the perished," said Musi. 

Furthermore, both Matlaletsa and Mahlamba gave plausible excuses to their whereabouts at the time the wrongdoing happened, he said. 

"The main proof that connected the two blamed to the commission for the offenses, are the indicated admissions or confirmations made by Matlaletsa in the presence or nonappearance of Mahlamba to different observers. 

"The declarations of the observers to the implied admissions or affirmations are incongruous as well as paint the denounced — particularly Matlaletsa — just like a disturbed individual who was hellbent on letting everybody know who minded paying attention to him that he submitted the homicide and theft," said Musi. 

This week, the state had yielded it didn't have a solid body of evidence against the two denounced to indict them for homicide, News24 revealed. Notwithstanding, the state kept up with that it had a feasible instance of stock robbery against Matlaletsa and Mahlamba. This charge identifies with the robbery of two sheep in March 2020, seven months before Horner's passing. 

In regard to the charge of stock burglary, the appointed authority president said: "It is obvious to me that there is no intelligent, sound or solid premise on which the blamed can be indicted on [the count of stock theft] — even an endeavor to pick any of the variants as the examiner endeavored to do clearly flops bleakly. I have a question to me that the two blamed were on that mountain. They are both qualified for the advantage thereof and the charged should be cleared on this consider well." 

"Both denounced are viewed not blameworthy and released all in all," finished up the adjudicator. DM 

Insufficient, contradictory evidence: Men accused of killing Senekal farm manager Brendin Horner found not guilty (

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