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What A Young Boy Said About His Mad Dad, That Got People Talking - See Reactions


Using his own actions, a small boy demonstrates to his father the essential characteristics of a successful son, thus showing them to him. Although he was aware that his father was suffering from a mental condition, he did not let this discourage him from being loyal to him (Mad). May God provide this little boy with the resources he requires to care for his ill father at this difficult time. Amen.

The internet was ablaze with discussion and controversy after the young guy posted a video of his crazy father on the internet.

The following comment was made by the small kid about his Mad (mental illness) Father, and it sparked a lively debate among those present. He stated, "I'm not going to lie, I'm not going to lie."

'Please pray that God would bless me with financial help while my father is still alive, so that I can make a positive difference in his life.' I'm made fun of by your father's opponents because they believe he is mentally ill.

Because he raised me after my mother abandoned me and because my father never abandoned me, I have no need to be anxious about his whereabouts. I appreciate him for being such a powerful man since it is for this reason that I admire him."

In my opinion, the most prudent course of action is to take this step. Your son's hero, Father, and God has placed you in my life for a reason; I am confident in your ability to never forsake me, father.

Further down the page, you can discover further information on his dedication to work and perseverance.

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