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Residents of Verulam were left in disbelief after what a neighbour's pitbull did to a man

A man sustained injuries on his arm after he was attacked by a neighbour's pitbull when he tried to prevent it from attacking his dog.

According to the Reaction Unit South Africa Facebook post a neighbour's pitbull jumped a wall into a 25 year old man's yard and attacked his dog, the man intervened and tried to rescue his dog from the pitbull eventually the pitbull turned on him and bit him on his arm.

While this was occuring the owner of the pitbull rushed outside and removed the pitbull off the man, he was then rushed to the nearest medical facility to receive treatment, the incident occurred earlier today 4 June 2021 around 16:18 pm on Acacia street in Terrence Park.

Luckily the man received treatment and did not sustain any infections or serious injuries, it's important for people who own dangerous dogs to keep them on a leash because they could harm another person, and if they seriously harm another person the owner of the dog can be criminally charged.

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